Saturday, January 30, 2010

Baker I Hardly Knew You.

I met Baker and his posse while camping in Rossland B.C. Soon after that I had the privilege of a hot shower and and a good nights sleep at his place in Washington. Baker lived a rich life, riding mile after mile of spectacular trails. He hung around with with EBextreme and his wife, joining them for epic rides and trailbuilding days in the northwest. Like all good dogs, the end of Baker's life came too soon. He was diagnosed with a terminal illness this past year and last week he passed away. I know he has left a huge hole in the hearts of his humans and that he is sorely missed. So, here's to a good dog, gone too soon.

Photo Credit: C. Nash

Anyone that has had a four legged riding partner understands just how deep a loss this can be.
I just got home from a ride around the block with a long time canine riding partner. At 14 years old even this has become a long ride for him. It seems like it wasn't too long ago that we were doing 40mile rides over mountain passes in Alaska, now he needs encouragement to make it around the block. Not because his heart isn't in it, he still loves to go out on a ride. When I pull my bike out he looks at me and lets me know he is ready to go. His world has grown smaller, but his heart is as big as ever. I don't know how many more rides we will get in together, and I don't look forward to the day we lose him. I am grateful for all the miles we have been able to travel together and all the memories he has blessed me with . And I know when that day comes I'll get a note of condolence from EBextreme, and I'll know that he understands.

For now, Baker R.I.P. and my love and prayers go out to your fam.


  1. Wow, thanks for the post Nate. Bake was an integral part of our mt. biking and trail building crews. So much so, that he's got two trails named after him ("Shake n Bake" - short for Shasta and Baker - and "Atomic Dog"). He's gone, but his legacy lives on with the trails he helped me scout and build.

    Keep up the good memories with your pup while you can. Cheers! EB

  2. Awesome little remembrance, there. Thanks for the nice words about Baker. I barely knew him, but I sure dug him. :(