Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yep, She's Awesome.

Over the weekend my wife and I were able to squeeze in some quality time together doing a few of our favorite things. In years past we spent innumerable days together skiing, biking and exploring together. For a variety of reasons the past year the opportunities to get out together have been few and far between.

Saturday we headed out and got in an excellent backcountry ski tour. The weather and snow conditions weren't excellent, the day was excellent mostly for the fact that it was my wife's first time out this season. Being 6 1/2 months pregnant she has had other priorities for the past few months and just hasn't gotten out. Being on skis was about as comfortable and excited as I have seen her in a while. She couldn't have wiped the silly grin off her face if she wanted too.

Sunday she was admittedly sore from skiing, but eventually agreed to head out on a bike ride with me. We had an unseasonably warm afternoon and got to spend the better part of the afternoon cruising along the river and across town. All this too say I love having a wife who isn't just willing to indulge my habits, but is happy to join me in my adventures even when she is pregnant.

Give it a few months and I'll be out cruising around with my little man. For now I'm a regular reader of the Totcycle blog, and I'm plotting my baby biking strategy. I'd love a Surly Big Dummy, or a Bakfiets, but I would definitely settle for a much more cost effective Madse
n with a big ol' bucket.

-bike wrider

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