Tuesday, January 19, 2010

12 JANUARY, 2010

For the Love of the Game

Spent my lunch hour today shoveling the courts where we play bike polo. Most of it had melted off on its own, but one end of the court needed some attention. It is the middle of January. Nice to know that with a couple of phone calls letting people know the courts are clear we can have a polo game on short notice. The turn out is never huge, but a small, dedicated core group of players is all you really need this time of year. Let the masses wait for warm sunny evenings. For now we are content to shovel, fire up the generators and add a layer or two.

The week a couple of the guys showed up with a generator I was impressed. The next week they showed up with a brand new, even more powerful generator because the first one couldn't run as many flood lights as they wanted. This crew is committed.
I didn't know what I would find in this town as far as interest in polo, I guess it goes to show . . .If you put up flyers they will come.

Game On
-bike wrider

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