Thursday, February 4, 2010

There You Go Again

My commute last April 29

"There you go again" says my boss as he drives out of the parking lot in his huge pickup.

It's true there I go again, riding my bike when it isn't 70deg and sunny. Honestly the wriding on my commute has been fantastic this week. The snow from a few weeks ago has been packed down nice and firm and the temperatures have been in the low teens to 30's. Almost too warm as far a winter riding goes. Sadly I'm one of the only people in town enjoying the goodness. Somebody told my brother in-law the other day that they saw me riding across town. When he asked how they knew it was me, the response was "He's the only one out riding a bike in this weather."

Photos from this week's commute.

The odds are pretty good that it was me they saw. I definitely don't live in a cycling hotspot. People around here still think that winter is a time when you just put the bike away. It isn't like Anchorage or Minneapolis wear there are legions of folks who live for winter riding.
I'll keep trying to change that.

wride on,

-bike wrider

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