Tuesday, January 19, 2010

14 JANUARY, 2010

Does Anyone Have a Siphon?

Went to shovel the bike polo courts just a little bit more before tonight's session. Two folks were letting their dogs run around inside the fence when I arrived. Turned out one of them was the newly elected mayor whom I had met once before wile we were playing polo. We exchanged pleasantries, and he was impressed we were still playing in the middle of january. I mentioned the plight of The Milwaukee 11 to him.

He made some comment about how there would be 'heck to pay' if anything like that happened to our polo crew. He wished me good day and went off to walk his dog. Nice to have someone with some political power in our corner in a town that is generally far from bike friendly.

By the time I pulled up to polo tonight the lights were on and the generator was up and running. We had a solid turnout and even a rookie appearance from SJ so we were able to play full 3 o n3 all night. With the second game tied at 4 to 4 the lights flickered and died. . . . we checked the generator for issues, Crash assured us it wasn't out of gas, the gauge read 1/3 of a tank. After a few minutes of investigation and it turned out we HAD run out of gas. . . now what?
We asked around and MicD had tubing in the back of his truck, so we shoved it down into the gas tank on one of the trucks and siphoned enough gas to keep the game going. Good times. Although MicD did reek of gasoline for the next few games.

So to summarize: the mayor's got our back, we're are playing polo in mid January at 47deg N parallel and the crew is more than willing to suck gas out of a tank if it keeps the lights on and the game going. Not too shabby.

-bike wrider

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