Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy Camper

The view from camp

The Little man and I snuck out of town the beginning of this week for a little father/son adventure.  Mrs. was off an a quick paddling adventure so we decided to have a little fun on our own.

I had initially planed a little alpine, bikepacking adventure up Powerline pass, but the forecast was calling for winds in the neighborhood of 50mph.  Above treeline, in a tent, with a toddler didn't seem like a place I wanted to deal with that much wind, so plan B was head around Turnagain Arm for a little car camping.

End of the road in Hope, AK.

 Wind and light rain tempered some of the more ambitious trail riding and fishing plans we'd had, but we still did a little of both and spent a lot of quality time lounging around the campfire.

A pretty accurate portrayal of the blur that he typically is on his little bike.

I probably shouldn't be, but  I continue to be amazed, not just by Little wRider's improving balance, but by the amount of sheer joy he gets out of zipping around on two wheels. 

Cool and rainy, who cares?  Loving the good life.


  1. Rather dapper isn't he? I wish I could give him the credit, but I'm afraid I have to take the blame.