Saturday, August 11, 2012

Boxes From Bozeman, Fish Tales and Dirty Laundry

The Big Donkey hasn't quite been itself since I traded its tires to  Gypsy Nick.  I still had one Big Apple for it, but I still couldn't found a satisfactory arrangement using any of the tires I had around the house.

So when Gypsy Nick offered to mail the Big Apples back to me I could hardly say no.  He also refused to let me cover the shipping, so you can count on that sort of bike geek karma being paid forward.

Big Apples are back

His transition back to full on fatties was made in Montana and this week a box arrived from Bozeman, nothing in it but my tires with about 3,000 bonus miles on them.  I have to say they looked pretty good considering the long, loaded trip they've been on.

I wasted no time tossing one of them back on the Donkey.  Cruising around town feels right again (it hasn't hurt that it's been sunny and I've kept a spinning rod strapped on the back of the Donkey for the last little while).

Quick stop to catch a few rainbows on the ride home.

Noticed these tracks while I was locking up by another fishing spot.

Apparently after working on his trike for a bit the little one noticed how dirty my DIY footsies were getting and thought it might be worthwhile to toss them in the wash with some of my dirty clothes.


Glad I noticed before I started the cycle.

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