Monday, May 7, 2012

What's That Thing Called?

Yep, you read that correctly


  1. Nice. I've often wondered how it would work. I take it that's an outcome of the interchangeable 160mm disc rotor equipped wheel project. Great re-purposing of a Karate Monkey decal too.

  2. On that rim it works even better on the Dummy than the 1x1, once you get it past the brake bosses.

    Wheels are flying all over the place around here right now.

    The Donkey idea was something I thought of last summer and finally got around to doing.
    Seemed more appropriate than the 'Big Duck(er)' or the 'Big Dugsley'

  3. Hmm. Thinking about the available Surley name decals, one could be riding any number of wildly named beasts. From my experience, "Big Dummy" has required a fair amount of explanation on behalf of my daughter when at school. Teachers and kids alike both seem to be bewildered when she talks about riding the Big Dummy to school.

  4. That last sentence cracked me up!

    I've spent too much riding time pondering names that could made out of combinations of Surly decals. There are some fun ones out there.

    Big Donkey just seems so appropriate for a cargo bike.
    I've always thought Giant is really missing out on an opportunity when they name their bikes.

    I never owned one, but I always loved the mental image of riding around on a Giant Iguana