Friday, May 4, 2012


I went out tonight.

I don't "go out" that often.

On the ride home I decided that some tacos sounded good.

I rode over to the taco place, the doors were locked so I rode through the drive through.

I rolled up to the window and they said they couldn't serve me because I wasn't in a car.

I asked if they would serve me if I locked my bike up and walked up to the window.  They said "no".

I pointed out that gasoline cost nearly $4.50/gallon and asked if I really had to go home and get my truck if I wanted some tacos.

They said I did.

I rolled around back and gave a $5 bill to the first car that rolled up and asked them to buy me a couple of tacos.

The second car in line was a cabbie, he asked what was up.  I told him and he said he would have driven me through, no charge for the flag drop or mileage. 

Rolled back to the drive through window.  Got my tacos AND exact change from  the kindly (and seemingly amused) motorists.

I enjoyed those tacos, and the rest of my ride home thank you very much.

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