Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bartering with a Gypsy

Tire swaps, de-decaling, broken fenders, heat guns and political signs.
Take America Back 2010  2012.

There's been a Gypsy around town for a while.  I hadn't run into until last week, but we had established a mutual respect for each other's presence on the internet (okay, I can't say for a fact he respected what I write here, but he'd at least made an effort to comment on things a time or two.) 

Allman had crossed paths with him at a local shop.  I figured we'd meet sooner or later, but with the days getting longer you could bet he'd soon be headed off down the road.

Last week Allman pointed me toward a Craiglist ad for a good deal on a fat tire that quite literally had my name on it.  Suffice to say it was Gypsy  selling off his winter tires before he left town. 

A couple days later I got a random phone call.  Gypsy was looking for a very particular tire for an atypical bike project he had on his hands and wondered if I had some on the Dummy.  I didn't, but I had something in the same niche.  He offered to buy them before he left town.

A cohesive bit of confusion on two wheels

I'd read that he had a some tires I'd been pining for ever since I gave a set away and offered a trade assuming he might like to save his dollars for his travels.
Didn't take me long to get them dirty

Yesterday he came by, stories, ideas and tires were traded, along with a few other rather random bicycle bits.

Ultimately we were both more than satisfied with yesterday's exchange of goods, and no money changed hands . . . .  as it should be when dealing with gypsies. 

click the picture if you want to follow his journeys

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