Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rotors and Records

I finished up the semester on friday.
Provided I pass quantitative methods it will officially be the end of coursework for my master's degree, and quite possibly for good. (Not feeling the need for a PhD at the moment).

I've still have research and thesis work to complete, so LOTS of work ahead, but it still felt like a significant milestone.

So how do I indulge myself and celebrate?

With a large dose of bikes, that's how.

Spent friday evening in the garage swapping rotors around, and throwing this new Ashima rotor in the mix.  I figure with 160mm rotors all the way around I end up with the ability to readily swap front wheels between five different bikes if need be.

To add to the celebration I watched Graeme Obree's story of tackling the hour record in the Flying Scotsman.
I remember him breaking the record, then losing it, then . . . . .  well you'll just have to watch it yourself.

I've been meaning to see the movie for a few years, just haven't slowed down enough to indulge in movie watching in a long time.
Favorite part: When Francesco Moser pulls the stick out so to speak and starts cheering for Obree.

Rotors and Records

Saturday night went from moose burgers on the grill to some wrenching and riding with old friends.

Allman, GSC and I met Mrs. for her commute home.

Been too long since we've had a late night rally around town with friends.
Honestly doesn't get much more fun than that for me.

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