Monday, March 15, 2010

Tires on Dirt

I've been enjoying life lately. The weather has been decidedly spring like, the tulips are popping up and the riding has been good. So good in fact that I got out on dirt (not mud, not snow) for the first time this year. I got off work this afternoon and caught up with my brother in-law and his family out on a bike path ride on my commute home. I rode with them out to the end of the paved trail and then I rallied a quick dirt loop on my cross bike when they turned around and headed back to town. It felt really good to get some body english going navigating the rigid bike down the trail, definitely different than the lounge chair ride of my freeride bike.

Bro in-law was trying out a new trail-a-bike set up for his five year old, and from the looks of things she was loving it. They even cruised a short section of single track together.

Yesterday Mrs. bike wrider and I got out together on bikes for the first time in too long. At 8 1/2 months pregnant she is looking good and getting some good use out her rockin' maternity bike.

I failed to properly capture the highlight of my day on camera, but I'll try and paint the picture for you. I was stopped at a red light in my truck near the end of my work day and heard the buzz of a small motor.
If you look closely you can see the brilliant cigarette dangle

I looked over just in time to see this guy pass me on his gasoline powered bicycle, ponytail hanging down his back, flannel jacket flapping in the breeze and cigarette dangling from his lips. I was in awe, and I was even more impressed when he blew past all the stopped cars and ran the red light with zero hesitation. The man was a true class act. I did my best to catch up to him and capture his brilliance on film once the light turned green, but as soon as I took this picture he employed some evasive maneuvers and disappeared. I can only hope our paths will cross again sometime.
He twas not just a man, twas a goal.

-bike wrider

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