Sunday, March 7, 2010

Living it up B.B. (Before Baby)

Had myself a good weekend. Mrs. bike wrider is great with child as they say, and I'm doing my best to live it up just a little bit before the little guy arrives.

I slept in until almost 11am yesterday, then checked the webcam and realized it was a blue bird day in the mountains. So I loaded up my skis and the dog and skied a few laps in the backcountry before the snow started getting mushy.

Today I got out for a nice 25mile ride on the crossbike. Had a 20mph or so head wind on the way out, I was in my granny gear going DOWN a few of the hills. The ride back was a kick in the pants, I would so much rather deal with a head wind or a hill in the first half of the ride and reap the rewards in the second half. I took my camera along, but only got to snap two photos before my battery was 'exhausted'.

Country roads

I think I'll be steering clear of Jack Daniel's Down Home Puch.

I'm getting eager to build up my new Big Dummy. I'm waiting on an order of wheel parts from Jenson. In the mean time I've had the frame faced and chased and added some protective varnish to the snapdeck.

Soon enough.

-Bike wrider

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  1. Hey, I finally found this and had fun checking it out. Well done!! Mom