Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl Ride

I got out and rode to the store to pick up a few things tonight. Happened to be during the big game, and I must say it was nice to ride across town while everyone else was staring at their tv's. I got to the grocery store and realized I had no means of paying for any purchases. It was cool to get there and have the parking lot at the grocery store practically empty, but the parking lot at all the bars and casinos were full. So I rode home grabbed some money and the game ended while I was riding back. I definitely preferred round 1 when I had the streets to myself to round 2 when people took to the snowy roads after enjoying a few during the game.

Made it home safely though, and even got one friendly honk after I waved, which is a change of pace around here. I also spotted one of the polo guys driving by as I pulled into the store and got a big wave.
The best part of the ride was the hoar frost that has been growing over the weekend. The crystals that develop just amaze me, I wish I had a camera that could get close up and do them justice.

- bike wrider

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