Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tweed Ride 2012

While I am generally not all that into changing into special clothes just to ride my bike I do like my friends and am inclined to take part in most any bike related shenanigans they might initiate.

AK Tweed Ride 2012 was a success.  I'll spare you too many more words and instead bombard you with pictures:

We saw people partying all over town. This party had sumo suits and plans to smash a car.

Some blue sky and one strange building on our ride to the ride.

A couple of the ride's co-conspirators.

Didn't take long and the kids in the crowd were imitating these moves.

The man behind the ride showed up with a new toy for himself.

Pashley Guv'nor. He's been eying this thing for a couple years now.

Gotta let the friends try the new bike.  I rode it.  It was very nice.

Rickshaw lets everyone get in on the action.

Softride tandem and heels.  Never thought I'd see all that in one place.

Handlebar mustache and one rockin' trackstand.

Mid ride regroup.

The Guv'nor himself.

Just a bonus when you can hook the kids up with some bouncy castle time.

Argyle and green grass.  Must be summer.

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  1. Bouncy castles beat bicycles. One of the few things, but it's a fact.