Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How Much Excitement Can You Pack Into One Evening?

So Little wRider and I were rolling like this

So we could drop the Donkey off here for a while

Along the way we saw this

plus about a dozen more officers with guns drawn,  just across the street from GSC and SHeck.  (I was about 5 feet away from the first officer in the photo as he got out of his squad car and chambered a shell in that shotgun he's holding.)

Then we were on our way to deliver some pizza to Mrs. and we had to wait on this guy

Then  just before we tried to lock up here, the sprinklers turned on. I'm so glad we didn't get there 5 minutes earlier.

But then we heard this, so we dashed around back

and got blasted by some rotor wash.

Then on our way home this guy crept up on us  . . .

 He should really get a bell or learn to say "Bike on your left."

Anyway, at 10pm the view looked like this.

Then Mrs. got off work early so I rode to meet here and saw this sunset @11:25pm

Then we cruised home together, her riding the bike my Grandfather received as a retirement gift in 1984.

I've got to say it was an excellent summer evening.


  1. Trek 400 Elance? Or something nicer?

  2. wow. what a freakin' awesome day in the one place this could all happen - Alaska. awesome post. love it. i should let you know next time i come down to a-town so we can go for a ride.