Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Midnight Road Ride

I love summer night rides in Alaska.
I had the itch to ride the Bridgstone speedcycle all evening.
Mrs. was working, but Biermag is living here so I've got a built in babyminder.  It was later than I'd hoped, but once I was confident Little wRider had settled down to sleep for the night I got myself out the door for a little ride.

11:55pm and I pointed my bike uphill.

Midnight.  No flash.  I love Alaskan summers.

Nice 30min climb with a short break to wait on momma moose and her twins to move off the road.  Then I pointed it down and went faster than I have in quite some time.

Cute set of twins.

Aside from the driver who elected to cross the double yellow and make a good swerve at me it was an awesome evening ride.


  1. Awesome! Jealous of the extended hours...though not of the way you earned them with dark winter nights =)

  2. It would be so great to ride in the midnight sun, though I agree with Bob that the tradeoff is steep. We have an annual solstice ride here in Denver, but nothing like this.