Sunday, April 1, 2012

What's Another Word for Pirate Treasure?

I think it's booty . . .

. . . That's what it is.

The annual bike swap was today. Had a good time met up with LO'L and Allman and saw GSC briefly. My quick interaction with GSC resulted in my searching the interwebs for 48 hole rims to pair with a Phil hub he graced me with.

To paraphrase Allman, the swap was basically the same group of people that sell parts to each other via craigslist all getting together in one place and selling parts to each other.

EVERYBODY had tires to sell.
I actually bought a pair. 2 for $1. Going on Mrs.' cruiser.

Little wrider had a fine time running amok and testing any pumps people had for sale.

Assessing the days booty back at the car.

All in all a fun day, and 7 bikes in the household benefited from the swap for less than $100.

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