Monday, April 23, 2012


It's spring around here.

How do I know for sure?

For one the neighbors are doing their best to hasten the end of this record setting winter by taking snowblowers to their lawns to that they can hurry up and get on with the lawn mowing.

The sunny mornings are reasonably pleasant, even in the sleep deprived, strung out, finals week state that I am operating in,

and the returning waterfowl have been able to find flowing water upon which to float.

And most telling is the return of the commuter (Cat6) race season.

During the long dark winter Cat6 races are even fewer and further between than the commuters are,
but now that the the sun is shining things are changing.

This guy totally smoked me off the line, then settled in just far enough ahead of me that I knew the he was the man.

What you don't see (because my camera battery died right after this picture)  is the DUI commuter and former coworker  of mine that I blew out of the water later in my commute.

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