Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DIY Footsie Details

A couple folks asked for more details on the DIY footsies, so here you go.

Allman donated a chunk of leftover 3/4inch copper pipe he had after some DIY running boards he made (possibly more details on that later).

I cut the pipe into 8 inch lengths (same length as the Xcycle footsies).

I used some scrap plywood I had in the garage and cut a footish shape with the skillsaw.
I cut it with a 30deg bevel just because I thought it made it look a little classier.
I put a few coats of weatherproof stain on the plywood, drilled through the wood and pipe and bolted everything together.

I canted things toward center so it rested solidly on the halfmoon chainstay section on the Dummy.

I plugged the ends with some champagne corks I had laying around after last fall's Turkey Man event, and shellacked the corks to increase their longevity.
I used nylock nuts for an extra secure connection (I'll probably cut the excess bolt length off eventually). I used 1 1/2 inch bolts, I don't recall the diameter.

I screwed a short strip of double sided velcro onto the heel of each footsie to secure them in place when riding without a passenger. Xcycle does the same thing on theirs and it seemed like a good, simple, way to keep from losing one when riding around without someone on the back.

Honestly, these were a relatively crude hack I assembled in what spare minutes I have in my life.
Were I to do it again I might make the platform a little bigger, but for now I'm pleased with the finished product considering the limited amount of time and $ I've invested in the project.

I toted GSC around for a while Friday evening, and we bumped into Clyde Oak who was rather impressed and concluded he might need to consider a Dummy for his brood.


  1. Great job! I'm probably going to have to build a pair for my Dummy. When possible, it always feels good to build your own equipment.