Monday, June 28, 2010

All Aboard

Our upcoming move involves a ferry ride with our vehicles. Up until today there was only space aboard the ferry for one of our vehicles. This meant my wife insisted that we take the baby friendly mobile instead of the bike friendly truck. It was looking like we were going to have to travel bike free and get by with out our bikes until the movers got our things to us and we got settled.

Well, persistence paid off. I faithfully checked the ferry berths until this morning when a spot for our truck opened up. I made a quick phone call, and secured a spot for the truck on the ferry, as well as a plush cabin for all of us.

A quick discussion with my wife and we decided we could comfortably take 3 bikes with us, leaving us with some decisions to make. My wife said she could happily get by with her single speed 29er, and left me to fill the other two spots.

The ferry leaves from a little coastal free ride hot spot where we happen to have a couple of trailbuilder friends. I've been itching to get back there and ride ever since we rolled through there a year and a half ago, so the full suspension rig is going. I am excited to rally some of the new trails and indulge the bike in what it was meant to do.

The other spot will fulfill my practical needs. The crosscheck is a dream of a commuter bike and is a hoot to ride on everything from asphalt to flowy single track.
My wife and I will both do much better coping with the transition if we're able to hop on a familiar bike and ride.

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