Thursday, June 24, 2010

The End of an Era?

Bikewrider is moving, not the blog, just me, my physical self. Life is moving forward and I'm along for the ride. From a bicycle perspective it will be a very good move. More trails, more bike shops, more people geeked about bikes.

I've tried to make the most of my time here, and I've tried to leave the community a bit better off than I found it. I know a few people here who ride there bikes more than they used to. There are a few folks who've caught the winter riding bug, and most importantly there are a handful of guys who had a ridiculous amount of fun on Thursday evening playing bike polo.

I played my last evening of polo with the local crew tonight. It was the warmest, most lovely evening we've ever had for polo. Most of the regulars were there, my brother made a guest appearance and we even had a newbie.
I don't know if polo will continue around here after I leave. I sincerely hope it does. We've almost always managed to scrounge up just enough players, but it hasn't grown like I hoped it would have by now. Even more significantly I don't know if there is someone to take up the torch after I leave, and I don't know if the community is large enough to really make polo work. The one guy I could guarantee would keep the momentum going is gone 'til november. If the remaining crew can keep things going until then it will be all good. For now I think I'll hang a few more flyers, leave a few extra mallets behind and hope for the best.

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