Friday, January 10, 2014

Since We Were Together Last . . .

Since I last bothered to update this blog I've done a few things. 
Here's a few of the highlights in no particular or chronological order:

 Little and I spent some quality time together.

He loved going out an rallying dirt trails  on his push bike.

A three year old working on his no handers over the table top in the 
backyard is enough to make a parent worry about what the
 adolescent years have in store.  He also showed off his 
Superman seat grab more than once.

I got the realest job I've ever had.  I'm talking Mon-Fri, 
8am-5pm, shirts tucked in real.  
Did that for a couple months and tried to quit.  
Reached an understanding with my employer, 
now I work part time.

Got LoL to join me for a fatbike beach 
ride I've had on my radar since 2005.

Ever since I talked to Pat after he and Kathy did their pioneering beach ride I've wanted to find this cabin.  
The riding, nor the cabin, did not disappoint.
This little dude mastered the combination of pedals and balance.  
Never had training wheels.  He loved it and so did dad.
Still need to work on mastering the concept of 
speed control through braking.

My parents came to visit and my dad left 
with his first new bike in 25 years.
(A Surly Ogre.)  We went and rode it in 
the mountains, which made him smile. 
He's been taking it out for lots of 
fun adventures since he got home.

We welcomed a sweet little girl into our family in July 
(part of the motivation for my parents' visit.)
She is happy, healthy and awesome. 6 months old this week.

I continue to perform much of my own bike maintenance.
Occasionally with interesting results. 

Did some fishing, but not nearly as much as we'd like.
He wanted to keep every fish we caught that day. 
I let him keep this one.
That kid devoured every last crumb of that little trout

Did I mention fatbiking on the beach near Nikiski?
That was awesome.

My brother came to visit.
We rode bikes.

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  1. Well, it certainly looks like you've been up to a lot of good stuff. Nice going on all fronts, especially in the kid department. My older daughter (coincidentally born in July) learned to ride the same way, and I couldn't imagine trying it otherwise.