Thursday, January 9, 2014

My iPhone Tried to Kill This Blog

A new job, a new baby, and a smartphone all combined to try and kill this blog (but mostly it was the phone.)

But I still ride bikes, and I'm hoping to even write a few words and post a few pictures every now and again on this here blog.
So if anybody out there is still interested here's just a little something:

My wife's Christmas gift to me was one simple thing.  A fat, aggressive tire named after me, even though I am neither fat, nor terribly aggressive.  The yin to my yang I suppose.

It seems I change my brake pads even less often than I update my blog.
Stopping power was greatly improved when I switched to some pads that weren't worn down to next to nothing.


  1. Welcome back, Nate. Neither fat, aggressive, nor surly.

  2. What Nicholas said. Also, this reminds me that I have one of your namesakes that I need to install, and brake pads that need checking.

  3. Andy, you should throw that tire on. It's fun to play around with the gobs of traction that come with those tires.
    It's amazing what the knobby paddle track can keep you churning through when stuff gets loose.
    And even when they do slip they often hook right back up in the same breath.