Monday, December 3, 2012

Screenshot and Surly Bits

Took the longer (~40min) route through the woods today to stockpile some sanity before an afternoon of staring at a screen that looks like this:

Also gave me the opportunity to mash a little bit on a new to me Tuggnut I scored off of ebay.

I'm not a little guy, so it's nice to have a little extra peace of mind when mashing the dinglespeed up hills.
I had already tested its ability to open beverages, and I'm pleased to report it did a fine job holding my wheel in place.


  1. R is good, but I'm less of a programming purist, so I use Stata mostly. Both feature the same level of visual excitement.

    Hope you have had a change of scenery.

  2. "Programming purist" has never been used to describe me.
    I'll put it this way, I showed up to my first day of grad school stats classes with a pencil and a TI-85 calculator.
    Apparently in the almost 10 years since I last took a statistics class people had begun to use computers to do statistics.

    I am learning and using R a) because it is free, b) it does timeseries work relatively well, which I need for my stream gaging research.

  3. Apparently my guess missed the mark. Many of the R users I know are abhorred by anything resembling GUI elements in their statistical software. Free and open source is good; that's how I got into R. Stata is close in its intent but with better online support and resources, and cheap enough through my university.

    Like you, I entered grad school with limited knowledge of the state of statistics. A lot of analyses that are commonplace now weren't possible a decade ago without a tremendous amount of work. For good or bad, it's easier now to do more.