Saturday, October 2, 2010

Vic did better than I

So I have been brewing this post in my head all day. As I was opening the blog tonight I clicked over to The Lazy Randonneur and read Vic's post about biking vs. driving. Turns out he made a good choice while I was left second guessing mine.

Good decision Vic

I started grad school recently and up until today I rode my bike to school whenever I needed to be there. Well I was feeling the effects this week. All those 20 min dashes to make it to class on time were adding up and I have been doing nothing to stretch them out. My hamstrings were TIGHT and pulling on my lower back to the point of moderate discomfort. I had lab at 8am, too early for my blood. I decided it would be nice to drive rather than dedicate the extra time to making a bike ride happen.

(not really my truck)

Last night I can honestly say I was looking forward to driving. I pictured myself relaxing, drinking my coffee and cruising into to school carefree and on time. In reality (no surprise here) I found the drive ridiculously stressful and was wishing I were on my bike.

Of course I left later than I meant too. Being on time is not an easy thing for me, even more so now with Baby Bikewrider around. The first main road I hit had a school bus with its lights flashing making me even slower than I already was. Then, of course, I hit all the lights wrong and had to sit and wait in a string of traffic at the busiest intersections. I got anxious and a bit frustrated with the other drivers and the transportation system in general.

I found myself gazing at the bike lanes and contemplating how much more enjoyable my commute would be if I hadn't chosen to be trapped in a cage.

Although I do have to admit my back feels much better this evening.

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