Saturday, September 25, 2010

Caution: Long Load

FAll! I love fall!

I had a bunch of stuff that friends had left at our house over the past few weeks and I decided that this afternoon it was time to return it. It was me and the little man hanging out all day, so I figured out how to hook the Burley trailer up to the Dummy and we headed out.
It was a beautiful afternoon. Lots of sunshine, and lots of color on the trees. Little dude slept hard in the trailer as we ran around.
Allman caught up with us in the middle of our ride, he was out on his Pugsley pulling a trailer with his recycling on board. At one point the tape measure came out and it turned out that his rig outstretched the Dummy/Burley set up by 9 or 10 inches.Mrs Bike wrider caught up with us just before we got home, so we turned around and rode for a while longer. We finished up by riding a few mellow trails on the way back to the house.

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