Friday, March 9, 2012

Doin' a Dingle

Finished something today that's been on my tinkering to do list for a long time.

I finally put together a "double singlespeed" (aka: Dinglespeed) setup.

Two chainrings, two cogs, each two teeth apart. No derailleurs, no shifters, no cables.

The two tooth difference in the front and rear allows me to use the same length chain for both gears, I just have to shift it manually. Nice to have a go fast option for when the roads are clear or an easy peddling option for when things are snowy or the trails are steep.

For those who care it's a 32x21 and 34x19 combo.
Go ask Sheldon if you care about the gain ratios/gear inches. I'm not going to bore everyone else with that here.

I have been running the 21t the last few months, now I added the 19t

Surlycentric drivetrain

One speed at a time, but two options
Mo' betta than a flip flop

You get the idea.

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