Saturday, January 14, 2012


I keep my cycling goals pretty simple most of the time, I'm not trying to set record times or achieve personal bests when I ride. Usually its more along the lines of have as much fun as possible, or be less than 5 minutes late to class/meeting/work.

Today's goals were a little different than usual:

-Don't get frostbite

-Don't end up with a head injury

Riding across town at -22F (-30 for those of you who prefer to use that vastly superior system).

I hadn't bothered to switch to my ski helmet before I left home, so when it came time to ride home that had I wanted to wear and the helmet I had wouldn't play well together.

I donned my cap and strapped the helmet to my pack.

I'm not one to get to deep into the helmet debate, but personally it is a very rare occasion that I choose to ride without a helmet. Having spent WAY too much money on higher education I figure a little foam on my dome is an easy way to increase my chances of keeping all that knowledge inside my skull.

But it was pretty flippin' cold out there.

All in all I met my goals, even inspite of my left earlobes propensity to sneak out from under my hat, and had a very enjoyable ride.

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