Sunday, May 1, 2011

I owe GSC a favor

I had some science to get done this week. I planned on hauling gear by four-wheeler on Wednesday, but due to circumstances beyond control I didn't get it done. Thursdays four wheelers aren't allowed, but bikes are. I called GSC to see if he was up for 'an adventure' and if he could help me out. He was game.

0.2 miles into a 20+ mile ride this isn't necessarily what you want to see.

The details aren't encouraging either.

At times it was a pleasant, relaxing ride.

Other times it wasn't

Sometimes it was really hard to ride.
(Photo by GSC)

But we were impressed by this trailer's performance.
(photo by GSC)

At least we were out riding.
I don't know why GSC was only wearing one glove.

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