Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bike Swap Buys

The local bike club had a bike swap today. Considering I was went there with All man I feel pretty good about how little money I spent. I did impulsively purchase a new (to me) bike, but it could have been much worse.

I scored a few good deals and a couple of freebies. Dura Ace brake levers and the Selle San Marco saddle were free. and I only dropped $40 between the OnOne Mary bar and the Crank Bros Mallets. Not sure what I'm going to do with the Mary bar, but it was too cheap to pass up.

The big purchase was a new road bike. I've casually searched for an old Bridgestone in the past and haven't found anything worth what I could afford. I caught the seller of this bike just as he was arriving at the swap and could pass on what he was asking for the bike.

I am a little curious about the story behind the fork he had on there, but the frame was a good fit, 105 parts spec and everything seemed sound.

My crosscheck keeps getting heavier and heavier as it gets more utilitarian. Racks and fenders and all that goodness adds up. It will be nice to have something that I can keep simple and ready to roll out some miles on without all the extra accessories on board.

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  1. Bridgestone! Plus with that Schwinn's like a mashup of my and your first road bikes.