Monday, January 10, 2011

Maybe I Can't Have it All

We had ourselves an excellent holiday season around here.
We had the good fortune to receive Wideloaders for the the Dummy and a bike attachment for a Chariot trailer we picked up a while back.

I put the Wideloaders to use on a grocery run the other night and they didn't disappoint. The next afternoon temps were in the teens so I decided to head out for a ride with the Littlewrider. I figured I'd leave the Wideloaders on and just hook up the trailer rather than take them off and reinstall them later. . . . apparently that isn't an option.

It seems the wideloader and the arm of the trailer need to occupy the same airspace.

Fortunately it took only a moment to remove the wideloader, and we were off for our ride.

Dude sang and babbled in the trailer until he fell asleep. It was nice to ride trails for over an hour with the little man cozy in his little trailer.

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