Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksing Giving Day Ride

We had a bunch of friends over for a little Thanksgiving brunch/ quasi-competitive rally in the woods. After a week of sketchy, and downright dangerous, icy conditions we got some much needed snow. Came down heavy and wet for the better part of the day.

The race began with a mass start from the garage, and descended into further ridiculousness from there. Good times were had by all.

This is what Thanksgiving looked like outside my house.

Fat jug of juice on a fat bike.

When the start of a race looks like this you can pretty
much guarantee a good time.

And they're off!

This race was kind of an adventure race, alleycat, poker run, scavenger hunt, brevet, event.

Just doing what it takes to win.

It snowed almost all day. This is what it looked like
on Allman's ride home.
(photo by GSC)

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