Monday, May 31, 2010

Surly, One Freaky Family

Like I said earlier a good bike geek buddy of mine dropped by to visit for a couple of days. It was fantastic to catch up and swap stories about the past few years.

Whilst plotting his visit we discussed grand schemes and epic rides. Possibly a big ride through the mountains of Glacier National Park, or a high plains century, or a few days of rallying the local trails.

Reality was dictated by the weather (it rained a lot) and other major life commitments and events. Regardless he parked his truck when he got here and didn't get in a motor vehicle until he left several days later. We ran errands on bikes, visited the farm supply store/fly shop and even snuck out for an evening rider goofing off along the river.

He brought out his Pugsley and traded it for my Big Dummy and we rallied around on the freak show bikes. I have to give props to the crew at Surly, they have come through with some fantastic and innovative bikes, as well as some really solid interpretations of the classic bicycle.

Big smiles were plentiful as we cruised around and goofed off on two wheels, whether they were super fat or super spread out.

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